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Manufacturer Modicon
Description Modicon Quantum 140 CPU Module 400K RAM
Weight 2 lbs :: ≈ 1 kgs
Warranty Reman: 2 yrs; New: 1 yr Years
Revisions: 140CPU31110-A , 140CPU31110-C , 140CPU31110-AC , 140CPU31110-MANUAL , 140CPU31110-WIRING DIAGRAM , 140CPU31110-SOFTWARE , 140CPU31110-PRICE , 140CPU31110-IN STOCK ,

140CPU31110 Programmable Logic Controller QUANTUM PROCESSOR FOR UNITY W/400K For Use With: Modicon Quantum Automation Platform Integrated Memory: 400Kb Software Type: Unity Pro Type: Modicon Quantum CPU Marketing Trade Name: Modicon Quantum Clock Speed: 66MHz Integrated Communication Ports: (2) RS 232 Modbus/ASCII - (1) Modbus Plus Conformal Coating? No The CPUs store the application program in a battery-backed internal RAM. The battery is located on the front of the module and can be serviced while the CPU is running. To protect the application program from inadvertent changes during operation, the processors feature a key switch on the front panel. This key switch can also be used to start and stop the CPU. The 140 CPU 311 10 processor only has a memory-protect slide switch. A memory protection bit, to be set in con? guration mode, is also available to lock any program modi? cation (via the programming PC or downloads).